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Baslow Village
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BASLOW - Peak District Village

Baslow is a busy little village, delightfully situated in the Derwent Valley, with Chatsworth Park to the south and the dramatic Baslow Edge rising to the north, relatively close to both Chesterfield and Sheffield. Nowadays,the Devonshire Bridge, built shortly after the First World War, carries most of the traffic across the River Derwent. But it is the Old Bridge, close to the church, of St Anne, and built in 1603, which attracts most interest from visitors with its impressive stone arches; it is the only bridge across the Derwent never to have been destroyed by floods.

The most popular part of the village for visitors, is Nether End, with its hotels and little shops set around Goose Green, where people can sit in comfort,relax and watch the world walk by. Nether End is a stones throw away from the Golden Gates of Chatsworth and it's beautiful parklands, and can be quickly accessed by walking over a 17thcentury Packhorse Bridge, past a row of pretty thatched cottages, just across the road. 

Situated just off the A623 is the private northernmost entrance are the aforementioned Golden Gates, to the Chatsworth estate. 

On access to the village via Curbar, at Over End, there is Fischer's Restaurant, renowned for fine dining. This inhabits the old Baslow Hall, built on land bought form the Duke of Rutland for the Stockdale family and which, contrary to it's appearance, dates back only to 1907. It's style is that of a typical 17th Century manor house and it possesses all the trade marks of this time and providing a stunning access point to the village.   

The village is well served for other restaurants, cafes and shops as can be seen entering via Bridge End. Here both St Anne's Church and the ancient bridge crossing the Derwent, form the hub to all habitation. Across the road from the St. Anne's Church there are group of lovely shops housed in a very handsome parade of buildings.
The Church of St Anne has a flamboyant history with some parts dating back as far as the 13th Century. In the churchyard there is an unusual memorial sundial which has a cross at the top. The dial, itself is a leaning cross and mounted on top of a round column. It is believed that, originally, this cross acted as a market cross, dating back to the 17th Century. 

There is a second cross in the churchyard. This is believed to be the original "Butter Cross" , which is believed to have been transferred to the churchyard by Dr Wrench of nearby Bubnell. The Cross would have denoted an vilage or town as a market town in medieval times and would provide a congregation point for visitors to purchase locally sourced dairy products. 

The last entry point is the Duck Pond, lying at the intersection of the other three areas of the village is actually a misnomer as it does not refer to a pond, but actually refers to a bench next to the River Derwent. Villagers, and visitors alike, have all spent many a happy hour basking in the joy of the duck pond, whiling away time by the river and enjoying the resident fowls company.

Outside the village on the edges around Baslow, such as Curbar and Froggatt Edges, there are some fine walks and great rock climbing, with splendid views over the whole Hope Valley. At Baslow Edge, to the North, once quarried for gritstone, there is a feature called the Eagle Stone, an isolated 6-metre high block of gritstone. It is said that the local men had to climb this rock before they were worthy of entering into marriage! It's not a very easy climb, so there must have been quite a few single men around or some jolly fit married ones!

With plenty of history, some exceptional scenery and good facilities, Baslow is well worth a visit
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